• Restaurant chain
    90 employees
    3 places of business

  • Confectionery-pastry
    20 employees
    2 places of business

  • Manufacturer of plastic products
    100 employees
    1 place of business

  • Complete Electronic Assembly Services
    750 employees
    1 place of business

  • Manufacturer of electrical insulators
    100 employees
    1 place of business

  • Town hall
    28 employees
    1 place of business

  • Stainless steel furniture production
    90 employees
    1 place of business

  • Bakery
    171 employees
    31 place of business

  • Pizzeria chain
    300 employees
    7 places of business

  • Grocery store chain
    500 employees
    15 places of business

  • Transport, logistics
    80 employees
    1 place of business

Video testimonials


  • I chose Optimoo because, although it has complex functionalities, the program is very easy to use. The team is professional and urgently solves the client’s requirements. Personally, I most often use the reporting, scheduling and vacation management functions. Now I can redirect the 40 hours saved per month to other important tasks in the activity.

    Gabriela Someșfălean
    Human Resources Manager?
    Electroceramica, Turda
  • I was attracted from the start by the fact that I found openness to most ideas. Optimoo conducted several tests to ensure that we obtained a solution tailored to our needs. I especially appreciate the multi-user function, with tiered access rights or electronic approval of vacation requests. We save on average about 35 hours per month after implementation.

    Otilia Boros
    Human Resources Manager
  • With Optimoo I can easily track the presence of employees, who have access to a flexible work schedule. Therefore, they are more motivated, and I can see the necessary data in real time. Also, my HR colleagues are satisfied because they can save the time they would have spent to manually prepare the reports that are now automatically generated from the software.

    Alin Nealcoș
    General Director
    Emanuela Dessert Shop