Added value

In the 9 years of existence on the market, listening to the specific needs of Romanian companies, we have developed one of the best systems for access control, attending and employee performance monitoring. We have come to cover 38% of companies with over 1,000 employees, and our solution has already been chosen by over 1,000 partners.

What are the values that led them to choose Optimoo? Find out below the advantages that our customers offer, or see what they themselves say.

  • Tailored to your needs

    Optimoo is developed and configured based on the needs of companies and HR managers. The developed solution is always flexible, being built around the organizational culture of your company, it offers customized features, integrations and reports.
    The customer does not receive what Optimoo knows, but Optimoo provides what the customer needs.

  • Transparency

    Optimoo provides accurate real-time data, manages work schedule, tracks holidays and overtime. It facilitates a better relationship between employee and employer, ensuring fair remuneration. The data provided ensures correct and well-founded financial and HR decisions. Cloud-based operation provides access anytime from anywhere.

  • Human presence

    Optimoo was created by humans, for people who work with humans. Human presence is essential in the relationship with our partners. A consultant is permanently available to monitor the entire implementation process and provide the support needed for Optimoo to run efficiently and seamlessly.

  • Mobile terminals

    Access is via mobile terminals, installed in minutes, the installation does not require cables and does not affect the existing infrastructure. Through a friendly interface, the Info-Kiosk terminals offer access to all employees to the necessary information. Any employee can keep track of hours worked, overtime accumulated, absences or days off available and consumed.

  • More time, less papers

    Based on user feedback, with Optimoo you save 20% of the time dedicated to managing HR operations and reduce bureaucracy through digitization and automation, replacing tons of paper and reports prepared manually with accurate, transparent and accessible data with a single click.
    Optimoo ensures a real optimization of HR processes.

  • Open to innovation

    Optimoo has been continuously developed and improved for 9 years, in close collaboration with our partners who use it. We think in an innovative way, we are open to suggestions for improvement and we treat any recommendation as a challenge. Because our goal is to offer a solution best suited to the concerns that our customers face every day.